Saturday, July 16, 2011

Russian Tourism Videos

The Russian service industry has something to offer even the most seasoned world traveler.  Come see how eager to please our hotel staff is and be reminded of home where every new face is met with a smile!  View the below marketing video to see how well our staff accommodates the most demanding of boarders, whether they need room service, or just a friendly wake up call!

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Can anyone say indulgence?  Come see the local Russian health spas and discover the best kept relaxation secret to the western world.  Have you ever wondered what helps the Russian people maintain their even and relaxed demeanor they have become so famous for?  It is all through the magic of the uniquely Siberian massage/hair-style combination treatment.  Take a look at the handiwork of some of the regions greatest spa workers practicing their craft.

And did you expect to find world class food service in this modern paradise?  The thriving Russian economy has attracted some of the greatest up and coming chefs in the culinary industry.  Partake in old-world preparations of delicious and hearty Russian fare, the kind of food that carried these resilient people through harsh winters and even harsher political struggles.  Keeping tradition alive is paramount, as can be seen here in this demonstration of meat preparation!

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