Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Terlet Has An Inverted Penis

Any regular reader would notice that yesterday I suffered an unprovoked attack of homophobic poetry penned by my dear colleague Terlet.  Not one to take such an offense lying down I decided to respond in kind.  So I give you this post in the spirit of mutually assured destruction, perhaps with a heightened level of homophobia and distaste.  Enjoy.


Terlet has an inverted penis
Like a button applied by a seamstress
From ten paces you'd say
It must have rotted away
And until now it's been a secret between us

Terlet is secretly gay
His ass is on frequent display
He considers your meat
A delectable treat
And he's eager to spread for some pay

Terlet is crippled and queer
He's unhappy without feces to smear
His left leg is lame
But his asshole is game
And as a bottom his sex has no peer

Terlet thinks cocks are sublime
His mouth can take two at a time
He would never protest
A request to molest
And he'll swallow your load for a dime

Terlet submits to gay men
Nightly he services ten
He's quite proud to say
That no cock's turned away
And he keeps deepthroating until you say "when"

Terlet is fueled by cum
It's inserted by way of his bum
And when he runs low
His feet move quite slow
So he plugs up his drip with his thumb

Terlet is dying of aids
His friends watch as he steadily fades
Through gay sex it was caught
And now he's destined to rot
And his lesions are scattered in spades

Terlet has an insatiable anus
He finds the most aggressive act to be painless
But once you beat your meat
Make a hasty retreat
Because his requests for more sex are quite shameless




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