Thursday, June 13, 2013

Doug Stanhope Makes The Funny


Tonight the whole Master Bastard crew went out for a group man-date to see national treasure Doug Stanhope in a shitty tinderbox fire hazard comedy club. And it was amazing. You wont get much out of me tonight, so I figured I would share the signed poster Sir Chapsworth so generously gave to the group to commemorate the occasion, and offer some out of context punchlines from the show. Enjoy!


"It looked like a cyclops winking in the rain, a single milky teardrop running down the taint"


"Any pure race is fucking hideous. Seriously, what is the name of your favorite aboriginal porn actress?"


"She took it in the ass like YOU would if you didn't know it was coming!"


"She had one of those stereroid man-clits that stuck out like a clam neck"


"I jizzed some clumpy, yellow old man cum that disn't even make it past my knuckle"


And there were so many more. If you ever get a chance to get offended by him in person, I would highly advise taking it. He is a very gracious and diminutive man, and kindly answered Terlet's request to give our podcast a quick radio spot. For free! Details to come on an upcoming Master Bastard podcast!


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