Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Craft Time - Bow and Arrow

Hey!  I'm gonna make me one of them little, tiny bow and arrows.

It's easy and it's good for huntin' rats and such.  Get yourself some bamboo skewers, twiney string, scissors, and tape.

Tape them tops, bottoms and middles of some bamboos.  This is good grippy tight tape.  It hold you long time.

Then you tie string on to make that bamboo stretch and bend.  Tie that shit up so it don't get unbent once you stop a' bendin' it.  But don't bend it so much that the bamboo can't bend no more!

I aim another bamboo at that there piece of paper.  Shit me!  That's like 8 feets away!  I didn't put no fletching on them arrows neither.  Fuck that shit!

One shot done gone right through almost the middle.  See that bamboo tip protrudin' like at the bottom?  I'm like that Robert Hood guy who killed them other arrow guys to free them prostitutes and such!

Next time I'ma make one of them pressure cookers!


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