Friday, November 30, 2012

Flavos Shrimp Rolls

I was sifting through public domain videos and found this little gem.  Flavos Shrimp Roll.  A delectable treat once available in drive-in theaters across the country.  A true, lost culinary treasure.

A meaty shrimp mixture all wrapped up in a crispy noodle jacket!  Doesn't it just sound mouth watering?  I'll bet it was served just above room temperature.

They're Shrimply Delicious!



  1. i was six. I would walk with my father through rows of cars and speaker stands to the snack bar in the middle of the drive-in movie lot; mystified by the yellow fluorescent light tubes and the black light bug zapper. Inside, we work work our way through the line where we picked out our foods and beverages. There they were , Flavo Shrimp Rolls (only 40 cents).They were as good as they looked in the thrater commercial. Hot, soft, and juicy. They didn't contain cabbage and carrots like today's Chinese Carry-Out egg rolls. No, these contained shrimp and onions as well as cabbage and had an aroma I cannot find words for. This was back in 1959 at the ABC Drive-In in Oxon Hill Md. Now a housing development but preserved on an Internet web site.

    1. Great description and a great comment. I enjoyed reading it!

      Funny how little things like that never leave you even after so many years...

    2. I lived in Fairfax, VA and went to 2 Drive Ins: One was in Merrifield, at the corner of Gallows Road and Lee Highway, with the other in Fairfax again just off Lee Highway, but I can't remember its name. The Flavo Shrimp rolls were the best thing at the snack bar. the rest was just "movie food": hot dogs, popcorn etc. What I can't understand is why nobody is producing them today. They had to be frozen, "Heat & Eat" food. In the modern day of convenience, why doesn't some conglomerate release them again?

    3. Does anyone know how to make these exactly like Flavos made them?

    4. I'm sure there's a replica recipe out there somewhere. That was before my time but they clearly stood out in people's memories and someone had to have recreated them in their own kitchen.

    5. Cant find the recipe, anyone know it