Thursday, September 8, 2011

Auto Exotic Recreation: Road Trip Travel Tips Vol. 1

Greetings, weary traveler! The recent trend in vacation or holiday travel is excruciatingly long car trips, as most travelers are willing to pay almost $4 per gallon to avoid being groped by a TSA agent. The obvious downside is the sheer boredom and deteriorating family spirits, making many long road trips a catalyst for anger and resentment. And after all that discomfort and frustration, you arrive at your destination to being enjoying yourself and letting off steam. Just don't forget, once you get there, your drive is only HALF over! That is where Popular Irony comes to the rescue with road trip travel tips! For Volume 1 we present a couple road games to keep everyone engaged in a fun shared activity!

Car Crash BINGO Print out the two cards below for a fun two person game of BINGO! Turn every horrifying roadside accident into an exciting find by carefully identifying the auto manufacturer and try for a full row. And keep an eye out for car fires and victims...

Road Rage Golf This one will get your blood pumping! Another great game that requires a minimum of 2 drivers alternating in shifts, a passenger picks out a car and the race is on. The objective is to get the driver of the "tagged" vehicle to show off that universal gesture of discontent, the middle finger, in the fastest time possible. Count each minute, and PAR for each round is 4. At the end of your trip the totals are tallied and the winner is crowned. The only rule is that the driver cannot yell, gesture, or honk at the driver of the "tagged" vehicle.

As the passenger, do you choose the Hummer with the American flag decal on the side, or the bluehair grandmother driving the Cadillac monstrosity? The strategy changes with each pick!

As the driver, do you cut them off and then slow down, or do you tailgate with your bright headlights on? Your choice could mean victory or defeat when you play... Road Rage Golf!


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