Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The long wait is over!!  I know you have all been chewing your nails to the fucking bone in anticipation.  Minutes after posting, our PopularIrony@gmail account was flooded with entries for the "COLOR ME MERCURY" coloring contest.  It has taken some time to wade through the thousands of, dare I say, immaculate pieces of art. You have all done a great service to the world at large.  

I present to you the Grand Champions of the 

You, our beloved readers, were challenged to color the astounding interpretation of the great Freddie Mercury seen below.  The winner will receive a custom Popular Irony post written in their honor.  

Don't cry stupid, you can still color me!!

Here was my noble attempt.  I went with a ginger, Puerto Rican Freddie Mercury with the mildly offensive tank top who works at an old timey gas station.  Too bad I am not eligible to enter my own contest.

Ginger, Puerto Rican Freddie Mercury

 Now for the winners!!!

In Second Place:  Little Stevey Davis submitted this entry.  It is titled "Spread Your Wings". 

Don't you just want to climb onto my back and ride me into the fucking sunset?

Great work Stevey!  But not fucking great enough to compete with our 1st place winner!

Congratulations to Keegan Douglas with this "Color Me Mercury" coloring contest grand champion entry! It is title "Bill Cosby"  I think it captured Freddie Mercury in a new light and is a brave artistic choice.  

With a shoobity doo skippity bipple

HEY KEEGAN!!  YOU FUCKING WIN!!  An Adult Bedtime Story will be written and posted in your honor this Friday September 23rd!!  So keep your eyes pealed for that fucking mess.

From all of us at Popular Irony, a big thank you to all of our contestants!!

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