Thursday, February 21, 2013

Minecraft Legos!



Holy shit! I just got these motherfucking Minecraft Legos, and they are the best fucking thing ever! I figured we didn't have nearly enough Minecraft-related content on here, so bend over and brace your anus, 'cause I'm going in dry!



Look at this majestic bullshit! Let me tell you, these little plastic fuckers are not cheap, but as long as I don't have to blow a hobo to get 'em, I'm jumping on the offer. How much did they cost? Between thirty and two-hundred dollars... But who fucking cares?! MINECRAFT LEGOS MOTHERFUCKER!



I knew you wanted to see some up close cross-section action, you filthy little wench! Well take it all in, because I have the Lego set and YOU don't! How do ya like them apples, bitch?



Fucking run, Steve! RUN! That little creeper bastard is coming to blow your dick off! And what do we have here... Some motherfucking gold just waiting to be mined and turned into a necklace in the shape of scooby-doo for the inner city folks to buy!



And how about the amazing fucking tree here? Who built that beautiful son of a bitch? ME, that's who! Because I went down to the store and awkwardly wandered around the children's toy section until I found the last box of these motherfuckers! Now that I built it I guess I will... break them down again.... and maybe build something as cool as the box art.... or at least try to.... fuck you.


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