Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Salvador lives to create art.  He is a true master.  Everyday Salvador musters all of his willpower and creates something beautiful.  A work of precision and beauty, art that transcends genre and twists at man's primal heart strings.  This is excessively surprising because Salvador is not a conventional artist.  He is student of the fecal arts.

Yes, that's right.  Salvador uses BM as his medium, his palette covered in poo.  He is a visionary.  Take this piece for example.  He calls it the "Incredible Edible Man".  Many of Salvador's sculptures require constant misting or the patina may crack.  He always has a mist child on hand at every exhibit.  Exquisite.

This painting is entitled "Finger Licking" and it is made entirely of smears of bottom butter.  The piece of fried chicken looks absolutely delicious.  The meat is steaming and falling off the bone.  Do you see how Salvador consumes different foods to obtain a varying hue of dung colors?  For the white, he ate white paint.  Simply genius.

Salvador does not stray from any artistic endeavor.  He is so brilliant, that he makes himself part of the exhibit, a personal touch to an already breathtaking work..  He would be honored if you would experience it.  He calls it "Airline Toilet Poetry Jam Surprise".  It is something everyone should try.   Let Salvador regale you with his political poetry as you relieve yourself of your earthly fouls. 

Salvador is gentle.  Salvador is brilliant.  Salvador is art.  See Salvador for yourself and be inspired!  Salvador!  Art from his inside, out!    


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