Monday, May 6, 2013

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas


5.) Birthday Gift Absolution: Give Mom a gift of future savings by telling her "don't worry" about your next birthday. Think about it. She always spends countless hours and dollars planning something extremely thoughtful and appropriate, something that fulfills a need of yours that demonstrates how selfless she is and how much she loves you. How nice would it be to not have to burden yourself with that bullshit next time around? There is literally no downside if you consider that this gift is totally free, AND her guilt will no doubt lead her to buy you a sweet b-day gift anyways!




4.) Low profile personal defense stun gun: What better way to remind Mom that we live in a cruel, unforgiving world that could end any day with a brutal assault and rape? This stun gun is built to resemble a cell phone to deter all but the most determined sadists and psychopaths, and keeps defense at her fingertips anywhere to go. So for only a small charge you can show her that at the very least you don't want her to wind up bloody and violated in an inner-city alleyway.




3.) Female-adapted portable john: Let's face it. Mom isn't getting any younger, and sometimes she is missing out on life's most interesting moments by spending them in long lines at the movies, in restaurants, or at the stadium. Well this little product will show her how much you care by giving the gift of independence. Small enough to fit in her purse, and with an attractive and feminine design, she will feel comfortable using it almost anywhere. And for the frugal Mom, a simple rinse in the sink will allow for reusability in the short term, and the entire unit is dishwasher-safe.




2.) Sturdy jumbo cleaning tote: Remind Mom that she has "got it maid" by helping her get organized for one of her favorite daily activities. Big enough to fit supplies for cleaning a number of domestic living spaces, you are sure to see her eyes light up when she opens this gift for mother's day. Nothing makes Mom feel more needed than a filthy mess made by one of her children, so make sure to leave her plenty or opportunities to use her new tote when you visit next week.




1.) Waterproof personal massager: Being a Mom is one of the most stressful occupations in the world, and you will find very few people to dispute the fact. While searching for relaxing gifts for women one theme kept coming up. Personal massage devices. This one is an affordable, quality design that is sure to give her the ultimate "stress relief" that money can buy. It's also waterproof, so she can use it in the... bathroom, I guess. And this model's unique design is sure to reach even the most inaccessible sore muscle, and it's touted as "whisper quiet", ensuring that even if she uses it in bed it won't wake up Dad!




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