Monday, May 20, 2013

National Censorship Day!

Hi everybody,

I would like to use today's post to apologize to my dear website co-conspirator, Hamtackle.  It was Hamtackle's turn to post today and it also happens to be Draw Muhammad Day!  Hamtackle drew some wonderful, sexually graphic pictures and posted them along with the hilariously detailed descriptions you have come to expect from Popular Irony.

Within 5 minutes, I got on my computer, with my wife by my side to do a bit of "surfing".  My browser's homepage is our website, because, you know, I'm self centered.  The first thing we see is Hamtackle's truly hilarious Muhammad drawings.

My wife emits a light scream and I nearly choke on my mouthful of hamburger (I almost always have a mouth full of hamburger).  My wife in a near panic and my heart racing, I text messaged Hamtackle.  The website is in my name and being a natural coward, I asked Hamtackle to take down the post.

Hamtackle rightly refused. "Then you take it down.  I don't give a fuck.  If it was jesus sucking dick it would be ok.".  Sad but true, Hamtackle.  Sad but true.  This is the first time I have asked Hamtackle to alter a post in any way, let alone take one down entirely.  I sincerely hope that this does not damage our friendship or discourage future collaborations.

As part of my apology, I will post just one of Hamtackle's exquisite drawings.

Sloppy Sorry Smooches - Terlet   


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