Friday, April 12, 2013

Vir Cotto is a Badass

I just finished watching the epic space opera, Babylon 5, for the 4th time.  I give it a viewing every couple of years.  Even though much of the special effects aren't that special and a couple of the actors are utterly unbearable, it is still one of the best written shows out there.  Well, at least four out of the five seasons are well written.  Season 5 is a fucking mess.  I thought I would celebrate with a clip of my favorite moment in the show.

Vir Cotto never liked Mr. Morden.  Early in Season 2, Vir let Mr. Morden know exactly how he feels about him.  Prophetically, at the end of Season 4, Vir epically delivers.  Watch the clip and you'll get it.  Vir Cotto is a fucking badass.......  Wait, is that Flounder from Animal House?


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