Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Chavez Shuffle

We at Popular Irony have an affinity for eccentric world leaders, past and present.  Be they exceedingly immoral or just plain kooky, we eat um up.  Today marks the passing of one of the more interesting modern day world leaders, Hugo Chavez.

He had some strange pals, he offered asylum to both Qaddafi and Mubarak.  He was a Socialist but was elected in some of the most transparent elections in history.  He was a Roman Catholic but instituted some of the most progressive policies for woman and homosexuals.  He was a military leader but would sing songs and laugh frequently in press conferences.  He was one charismatic motherfucker.

He was well liked in Venezuela, but he was no friend of the US.  Now he's dead from cancer that was probably given to him by the CIA.  Oh well, there's always Kim Jong-un, he's hilarious.



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