Friday, March 8, 2013

Shrimpums! They're Shaped Like Shrimp!!

MMMMMM!! Would you just look at that steaming pile of shrimp.  Deeeelicious.  I can't wait to stick my teeths into that pleasant platter.  But wait!  Oh no!  Shrimp Poop!  These shrimp still have bits of their last meals stuck on their corpses.  Well fuck that, I'm not gonna eat a shrimp's shit. 


If only there was another way to enjoy the texture and shape of shrimp without all that annoying feces.  Well now there is!  Introducing Shrimpums, the snack that is shaped like shrimp.  Do they taste like shrimp?  Not at all!  Shrimpums come in a variety of flavors, Cheese, Beef, Taco, Chicken, Dorito's Nacho, Vindaloo and dozens more, but not shrimp! 


Are you craving the tangy crunch of Shrimp!  Then grab yourself a moist sack of Shrimpums the snack that is shaped like shrimp!

(WARNING: May Contain Rat Feces)


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