Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Impulse Buy

Hello! I just wanted to share with all you wonderful people a little impulse purchase I made this afternoon. You see, I was just leaving the all natural family owned vegan green grocers when I saw a lovely little computer for sale! Well, I only have four other computers, so I thought I should give it a nice home in my study.



Now we are going to give him a little undressing, maybe while I play some relaxing folk music. It is so much fun to curl up in front of my reading nook with my all-hemp jammies on and unbox a new pet computer!



Oh darn! I was hoping I would get a chance to get hands-on with the assembly! I guess the only thing I get to contribute will be my four Obama decals I got from the rallies I went to last year...



Well look at what we got here! I found a nice little home for my new 'puter right here in the corner. He sure looks cozy on his little desk. Well, I can't stay too much longer, I have some yummy hummus and red bell pepper recipes to download. Toodles!


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