Monday, March 25, 2013

What A Biggun!


Woo-hoo! What a biggun'! Bet you hadta beat that sucker with a shovel, huh? A big ol' gravel shovel. Yer pa would be proud, boy. Now peel that puppy, she'll make a supper real good.




Well, gaw-lee lookit that big sob there! Done fished him outa his big hole, ya did. We call them "Devil's Privates" back home, but I'll be dickered if that ain't the biggest dong I ever did see.




Yee-haw! Thatsa monster fish right there, I tell you what! Got him witha arrow shooter, stranger? Well as I live and breathe.... I ain't never hadta kill a fishy with nothin but rock before, so I sure am impressed! Bet they is good eatin'!




Get an eyefull of that there mountain kitty! How much he weigh, huh? I bet I could pick him up real easy. My Betsy probably got about fifty on that bastard so I could get him over my shoulder quicker than a minute!




Hot damn! That sucker sure is the face of terror if I ever seen it! Bet that monster got a couple dogs, few housecats, maybe even an infant or two inside 'er! Whatchoo waitin' fer? Cut 'em open and lets count them babies!




Sweet Mary! That moose is bigger than that new pipe organ they just put in the church! How you gonna git 'er offa this hill, mister? I got my pickup a few miles back, and she'll pull this bastard if'n I can get her up the trail!


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