Friday, December 9, 2011

A Popular Irony Anniversary: 200 Posts And Growing

Welcome to a landmark moment for Popular Irony, the 200th post since our humble beginnings this July past.  In such a short time we went from a mere twenty or so pageviews per day to literally dozens.  We have managed to garner a loyal following due to our dedicated daily ramblings of vulgarity, and we are proud to say that we have not missed a single day.  Now many of you have expressed an interest in the two strange personalities that have authored this blog, and have been disappointed by the lack of detail in the "About Popular Irony" page that has been under construction since our beginning.  But now all of your rampant speculation comes to an end.  For tonight, we present the true identities of Hamtackle and Terlet. 

Alias: Hamtackle
True Identity: Thomas Burton
Location: Tulsa, OK
Education: B.S. (Physical Anthropology) Columbia University
Age: 31
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Non-fiction author (under a pseudonym); Professional Rodeo Rider (PBR)

Thomas Burton is an outspoken liberal atheist with a passion for community service through local outreach programs.  Dedication to altruistic pursuits despite his many social and professional obligations has made him the subject of many local media profiles, and has led to a significant online following supporting his political aspirations in both the local and national stage.  He has remained reluctant to accept his probable destiny for public life because, as he has been quoted "it complicates my daily schedule of volunteer work and tends to distract from the political message of economic equality and emphasis on scientific education in public schools that I have dedicated my life to."  This humility and personal compassion have become the hallmark of his iconic image, and has led to his refusal of public office despite a write-in victory for Mayor of his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He hopes to one day find a wife that he says, above all, must be his intellectual equal.

Alias: Terlet
True Identity: Stanley Pudgins
Location: Tulsa, OK
Education: N/A
Age: 33
Marital Status: Single, estranged father of two
Occupation: N/A

Stanley Pudgins currently resides on the couch of Thomas Burton, to whom his care was released by the State in 2006.  He has benefitted from the charitable contributions of Mr. Burton after an unfortunate conviction of serial public exposure and a brief 18 month incarceration.  His diminished mental capacity brought on by a serious glue sniffing addiction has likely inspired the protective instincts of those around him, allowing for a life free of public financial assistance.  Mr. Pudgins appears to have discovered a therapeutic outlet for his creative ability with his participation in the online blog Popular Irony, and displays an almost autism-like penchant for humor despite the lack of any social skill.  In his own words, Stanley Pudgins is "really grateful for my friend Thomas Burton, who never yells at me even though I keep accidentally peeing on his things."  Perhaps best known for his State-enforced participation in an advertising campaign for the National Sex-Offender Registry that was an expressed condition of his release, Mr. Pudgins has aspirations to one day become "either a railroad conductor or a zookeeper."

We at Popular Irony hope this has given all of our dear readers some insight into the minds that bring you daily original content to brighten your otherwise disposable lives.  And if you ever wish to reach either Hamtackle or Terlet, please write us at   

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