Monday, December 5, 2011

The Psychopath Personality Test

Alright, people.  Time to find out if you should be caged up for the good of society (if you are a regular reader this is a foregone conclusion).  Get yourself a pencil and count all (a) answers and (b) answers.  After completing the test read the instructions that follow.  And remember that in a personality test there is no "correct" answers.  Just ones that indicate you are normal or homicidal.

  1. Do you prefer to adapt to circumstances (a) or influence them (b)?
  2. Do you consider yourself an emotional person (a) or an analytical person (b)?
  3. Do you consider yourself to be more creative (a) or logical (b)?
  4. If you see someone drop money do you give it to them (a) or take it for yourself (b)?
  5. You come across a severely wounded puppy that is beyond medical assistance.  Do you take it to a vet anyway (a) or end it's suffering (b)?
  6. You suspect your significant other has been speaking to their ex.  Do you ask them about it (a) or investigate behind their back (b)?
  7. You are unable to study for an exam because you attend a funeral.  Do you ask for an extension due to circumstance (a) or cheat (b)?
  8. A friend asks you to lie on their behalf as a work reference.  Do you tell the truth (a) or oblige them (b)?
  9. A stranger parks their car so close to yours that you have to enter from the passenger side.  Do you leave them a note (a) or vandalize their car (b)?
  10. You are suckerpunched by a blind person.  Do you report the incident to the police (a) or retaliate physically (b)?
  11. Do you tend to be trusting toward others (a) or suspicious of them (b)?
  12. Do you avoid confrontation (a) or seek it out (b)?
  13. Do you think it is better to be loved (a) or feared (b)?
  14. Which do you enjoy more- giving gifts (a) or receiving them (b)?
  15. Does danger make you anxious (a) or excited (b)?
  16. When you see a homeless person are you empathetic (a) or indifferent (b)?
  17. You see a stranger trip and fall into the mud.  Do you rush to help them up (a) or laugh and go about your business (b)?
  18. Do you believe a person can change their evil ways (a) or will always be evil (b)?
  19. You see a person drowning in a rushing river.  Do you dive in to help and risk your own life (a) or watch to see if they make it (b)?
  20. You come across a lost child in a shopping mall.  Do you help them find their parents (a) or ignore them (b)?

Time for some math!  All (a) answers are worth 1 point and all (b) answers are worth 2 points.  Add up your final score and see your results below!

35 - 40  You are a gentle person, docile and friendly to everyone you meet.  You should be taking care of children in the hopes your positive demeanor serves as an influence.

25 - 35  You have a hard time fitting in with others.  You harbor some ill intentions towards people, but are unlikely to act on them unless provoked.

20 - 25  Holy shit, you maniac.  Hopefully you haven't already procreated, and should submit yourself to voluntary sterilization.  There is almost certainly a suit made of human skin in your future.

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