Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas - A Story of Home Invasion

Greetings Gentle Reader,

Sometimes, we at Popular Irony like to take a break from the incessant vulgarity and bullshit we spew on a daily basis and do something nice.  Today I have provided my own dramatic reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas".  Mostly because it is literally the night before Christmas.  I don't really feel like writing a filthy story or making a stupid video.  I've had a few drinks and I am ready to watch a few episodes of Deep Space 9.  (How the fuck is Sisko gonna get outta this one??)

Why not go and forcefully wake up the kids, drag them downstairs and have them repeatedly listen to this holiday treasure. Why not make them stay awake until they complete an essay on the poem?  They are getting stupid as shit on the Christmas holiday from school and would benefit from some aggressively instructed academical immersion.  I am sure that they will agree that this is possibly greatest reading of that old fucking poem, EVER!

So strap in and enjoy Terlet's stupid, old man voice reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Murray Crimmus!!

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