Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fighter Pods and my Moms is a Bitch!

Awwww shit!  Yo, I just got back from the mafuckin Sylvan Learning Center and look what my Moms bought me.  A big ass stack o Comics and some mafuckin Star Wars Fighter Pods!  Yo, my moms ain't too bad.  I wonda waz in them Fighter Pods packs?

I been lookin for a Bossk Fighter Pod and I can't find shit!  My moms bought me six packs and still no Bossk.  He better be in these packs or Ima slap my moms bitch face!

Alright, here's pack #1.  Two brand new figures for my mafuckin collection.  My moms better be praying to God I don't get no duplicate mafuckin figures.  That shit will not fly.

 What the Fuck!?  Bullshit!  I already owns that mafuckin Storm Trooper on the right!  My moms is such a dumb bitch!  She's fuckin lucky I like Storm Troopers.

I swear to fucking God if Bossk ain't in this pack or there is another figure I already owns, I'ma flip my shit!!

FUCKING MOM!!  I already have a Jango Fett!  AAAAAHH  I FUCKING HATE HER!!  *sniffle sniffle*  

She better buy me new ones on her way home from her night job!  The bitch don't care about me!!  AAAAAAAAHHHH!!


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