Sunday, August 19, 2012

Figuratively Literal

Smear your poop all over me. -Toilet Paper

You turn me on and make me gush. -A Shower

Why don't you stuff that big stallion inside of me? -A Small Barn

Pee in my gaping hole. -A Toilet

Squirt your syrup on me. -A Stack Of Pancakes

Lick your finger first and then open me. -A New Book

Fill me up with your meat and then eat me. -A Taco Shell

I could stay in your pussy all day. -A Tampon

I've got a huge donkey dick. -A Donkey

Lick my bean! -A Vanilla Plant That Became Ice Cream

Little boys make me wet. -A G.I. Joe Beach Towel

Don't worry baby, I'm sterile. -An Autoclave

I brought a friend, we can suck and blow at the same time. -A Leaf Blower and A Vacuum

My hot white foam is all over your upper lip. -A Cappuccino

Put your nuts in my mouth. -A Nutcracker

Please let me up your ass. -A Suppository

Go ahead, deflower me. -A Rose Bush

Put your meat inside of me.  -A Refrigerator

Put your meat inside of me.  -A Hotdog Bun

Put your meat inside of me.  -A BBQ

Put your meat inside of me.  -A  Meat Grinder

I'll swallow your seed. -A Parakeet

That pussy stinks like fish. -A Cat That Lives On The Docks


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