Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exclusive: Prince Harry's Vegas Nude Photos Unleashed

Popular Irony has been able to secure the exclusive copies of the now-infamous Prince Harry vegas party photos!  And since we have no respect whatsoever for the sanctity of the royal family, we actually have the guts to show them.  So sit back and enjoy a never-before seen side of the british monarchy.

This shot was taken by a close friend of Harry in the vegas desert landscape.  The story is that he was enjoying a game of volleyball with several members of his entourage as well as olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte!  He disrobed after a friendly bet was lost, and now we know that it's not just his cheeks that are red!

Here we see Harry in the buff at his hotel suite in the MGM Grand casino hotel.  Obviously suffering the effects of more than a few drinks, Harry shows off the crown jewels to the ladies that had been invited up to partake in the impromptu royal party.  The queen has been asked to comment on these nude images, but has declined.

Whoa!  Party animal alert!  As if we hadn't seen enough of Prince Harry's undercarriage, here he gives us the full monty.  One wonders how the military will view these disgraceful photos, taken after a game of billiards from the MGM suite.  But one thing is for sure, these pics will devastate the english countryside in a way that hasn't been seen since the air raids.



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    1. No shit? These are fake? Do you mean that this was an intentional and obvious parody? Way to go champ! You solved the case! What's next, the mystery of your childhood molester? (SPOILERS - it was your Dad)

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