Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fun and Profit - Domains

Today on Fun and Profit, we will present you with a few ideas to get your own highly lucrative website up and running.  The most important part of a website is the domain.  The web address at which your customers can find you on the endless tubes of the Internets.  Checking with a domain provider, I have found that all of the domains I am about to present are available for purchase forthrightly.

The top earning website is an "Internet Search" site.  Google.  You can find pretty much anything you are looking for on  Why not take their idea and make it your own with a flashy new specialty "Internet Search" site?  A search aggregate that is focused on specific topics.  You could really corner a niche market and make billions!

Here are a few available domains that would be perfect for earning massive profits....

Are you always looking for the fattest tits on the Internet?  Well toil no longer because with, you will never not find fat tits again!

Not into fat tits?  Why not try  Every mouth is full of a dick when you search with!

Do you consume endless amounts of news and information?  Are your current search methods failing miserably?  Why not start your own news aggregate?  With you can find anything about anything.  It's like Wikipedia and Google had a retard baby! 

Are you a nudist and are always having trouble finding nude friendly restaurants?  Well, worry no more!  With you can dine with your innies and outies exposed for all to see while you wolf down bowl after bowl of delicious Clam Chowder.  Clam Chowder, the nudists soup of choice! is the perfect place to view pictures of people having embarrassing diarrhea is public.  I know that your photo album is swollen to it's purple hilt with humiliating photos of bowels gone bad.  Put em to good use, why don't you!?

Are you a closet cannibal?  Do you have trouble locating human flesh for feasting?  Everyone knows that the tastiest type of person is a baby.  Now you can scratch that cannibal itch with  Connect with other cannibals and share recipes!

Our last, but certainly not least domain idea is  Today's granny pornography is so fake and Hollywood looking.  DentureBlowjobs is your one stop shop for real, amateur, geriatric junk suckling.

You better act fast!  These domains will not be available for long!  Your Welcome!!


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