Friday, August 31, 2012

Jenna Tull

Jenna Tull
Hey ya'll, it's me, Jenna Tull.  I knows what you're thinkin', what kinda a name is Jenna?  Well it's a cross 'tween my auntie and my grannie's names.  Jennie and Anna.  So they'sa call me Jenna.  Boys tell me my names exotic, that's just the kind a girl I am.  I'm all kinds of exotic. 

This one time, we all went to that there food court at the Shop N' Strut.  Mable, Dylan and Brandy all went to get some BBQ, but I said Nuh Uh!  I'm a get me some of that China Food.  They were so shocked that I thought they would burst.  But that's just the kind a girl I am.

This one other time, me and Darla were down at the Chug N' Hug, eatin' pretzels, when all of a sudden we saw us a man walkin' a ferret on a leash.  I thought I would die of the giggles.  My life is a roller coaster, ya'll!

There was this other time that Churly, Billy, Uncle Grand Dragon and the Filster sisters all had us one of them sex orgies atop this dark alter after the raffle in the church's basement.  We use a blood and semen sacrifice to obtain the blessing of the dark ones.  In the middle of it, Churly farted somthin' awful.  We all had us a good laugh at how red Churly's face got.  It got even redder when we bathed him in all that baby blood.  We are so silly!

This one time I was carvin' Black Runes into the flesh of this drifter.  He was all screamin' and beggin'.  When all of a sudden the doorbell rang.  I almost pee'd my pants I was so surprised.  Lucky for me it wasn't Sheriff Pilburn, it was a delivery guy.  And guess what?!  He brought me my new carvin' knifes!  What a happy day it was.  The runes glowed black in his wounds and I feasted on his insides while he was still a livin'.  I had such fun but I bet that there drifter wishes he didn't ask me for that change.

Well my break is almost over and I should really get back to the Slurp N' Burp.  It Double Dog Friday today.  Two hotdogs for the price of one!  I know right!?  What a freakin' bargain.


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