Monday, August 13, 2012

You Best Watch Yourself!

You best watch yourself, friend.  I am liable to put a mean wuppin' on your naughty bottom.  I have spent many of my years studying the mystic art of the orientals.  I feel quite confident that I am more than capable of dealing with a ruffian like you.  I will give you such a Juno Chop!  Your arms and other extremities will feel numbed and tingly from my acute nerve touchings.

Just imagine it.... My decades of study culminating in smacking you in your dirty mouth.  I could use my Krotty or Kong Foo to flip you around like a dusty rag.  A dirty dusty rag.  That is right buffoon!!

I happen to own many very scary weapons and sticks and such.  I could poke you in the ribs with my Bow Stuff or bonk your noggin with my Nonchalks.  You will beware the slice of my mighty Sords. 

I bet you know better now, huh Mr Fool?  You have been duly warned of my skill levels and power readings.  There was this one occasion when I was forced to display my learnings.  The person from whom I was forced to defend myself regretted his decision forthrightly.  I gave him such a tussle and even a bit of a jostling.

If you would like to spar, we could go back to my loft.  I have rustling mats and Krotty bath robes.  I could teach you many a thing about becoming a rough and tumble oriental master!  We can take turns being the victim or being the aggressor.  Whom soever pins the other in an official way, wins a prize.  If I happen to win, I would like a soft peck on my cheek from you.... Maybe two.  It will be such a gladdening of joy!


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