Monday, August 27, 2012

Who's In My Mouth!?

Hello friends and welcome to Who's In My Mouth!  The game show where you identify friends and family with only your mouth! I'm your host, Luis Lippley.  Let's get started...

Our contestant today is Sarah Whityled from Halifax, Novia Scotia.  She is a school teacher and her favorite hobby is drift wood whittling.  We have her seated on the contestants chair with the noise canceling head phones and blind fold already in place.

Sarah's first challenge is to correctly identify her best friend, Karen Marlihan, with only her mouth!  Karen please spin the Wheel of Body Parts! .......... Look at it go!  It's slowing down... and it landed on... Tits!  Karen please place your naked tits in Sarah's mouth, let's see if she can guess correctly!

Go on, Karen.  It's just a game show, no big deal.  Don't be shy.  Whip and your tits and shove them in her face.  ... This isn't what you expected?  The shows title is "Who's In My Mouth?"  What did you expect?  .... What's that?  Guessing different types of foods?  Seriously?  That's fucking stupid.  Seriously Karen, you are ruining this show and everyone is very disappointed in you.

Just look at your friend there.  Sarah, all blind folded and deafened.  Her mouth looks so inviting doesn't it?  You don't want to ruin your best friend's big day, do you?  Now why don't you, calmly, take off your shirt, on camera, and place your nipples into your unsuspecting friend's mouth.

Fine, fine.... You can take another spin.  But if you'll look closely at the Wheel of Body Parts, you'll see that every category is Tits.  Well, tits and BANKRUPT  Every game show wheel needs a BANKRUPT.  So......??  Tits or no?

What do you mean "Is this a secret amateur porn shoot?"  I am insulted.  That is such a despicable thing to say.  But to avoid any possible lawsuits... Yes.  Yes this is a porn shoot.  A porn shoot with a chance to win a NEW CAR!!  WOOO!!!  I know!  All right, the shirt is off, that's the spirit Karen!  Smother her with tits!


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