Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fuckable Pig

Fuckable Pig
Pardon me, sir?  Whoa!  No need to panic,... Yes, yes, I am a talking pig.  Amazing, I know!  I was just passing by and I happened to notice that your left hand is lacking adornment.  What I mean to say is, you are without a wedding ring and with that, without a bride?  Am I safe to assume that, you sir, are single?  You are?! 

Well, that is just wonderful.  As you can see I am a very beautiful lady pig and I just happen to be without an escort this evening.  Could I possibly tempt you with a bit of inter-species experimentation?  .... What do you mean, what do I mean?  Tee-Hee, I guess I will just cut to the chase.  Sir, how would you like to fuck a pig?

Oh, come on!  You didn't even think about it.  I promise that it will be a night to remember.  I will let you do anything.. .ANYTHING.  That's right.  You can totally fuck me Piggie Style.  It's like Doggie Style but you are fucking a real pig.  I'll do things to you that you never knew you wanted.  I'll root around your ass-end like your butt is full of truffles.  I'll bet you've never had your salad tossed by the bacon before, huh?

I see that I have peaked your interest.  Why don't we go back to my sty and we can get to Makin' Some Bacon.  .... What's that?  Ah, you have noticed my turgid pig penis and swine balls.  .... Yes, I am a talking pig and also a proud transgender pig.  Now, don't let this dissuade you.  I can assure you that pig vagina is sandy, stinky and fucking disgusting.  Pig ass is the way to go.  My tight piggie hole don't ever quit.

Hmmmm?  Isn't bestiality illegal?  Well, yeah, of course.  That's only because normal animals can't consent to the lustful act.  But as you can hear sir, I can clearly voice my consent.  So let's make it official.  "Sir, would you please come back to my sty and fuck my pig ass and pig face with your quivering human wiener?  I grant you full access to all of my piggie orifices and freely invite you to pleasure yourself with my hot piggie body."  Good enough?  Excellent!


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