Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear Popular Irony...

I am a 30-something female reader with problems that desperately need solving! My boyfriend and I recently took a huge step in our three year relationship and moved in together. I had to pack up everything I own and cram it into his tiny apartment, and there have been boxes everywhere for the last two months. Needless to say I have a hard time keeping track of everything in this new cluttered environment.

Well last Tuesday I left for work just like always, with my boyfriend preparing for a big exam coming the following day. I finished the entire drive to work before I realized that I had left my ID badge at home, and wouldn't be able to get through the security doors at work. I turned right around and went home.

And you probably guessed it, I walked in on my boyfriend and his ex-fiancé doin' the nasty. I can't believe it, and I am crushed, but I can't decide what I should do about it. My stuff is all still pretty much packed, but I am having trouble taking action. What can I do?

 Confused in Colorado

 Dear Confused,

I think I can help you with your indecision. It is clear what is at the heart of your problems, and although it can be difficult to take the most healthy path it is always worth it in the end.

My first suggestion would be to finish unpacking. I hate to tell you, but you will continue to lose your ID badge and more if you can't tidy up around the home. And by the sound of it, you have been a terrible home-maker.

Another tip is to put all your most important items for the upcoming day in your shoes. You never leave without your shoes, so it is impossible to miss your keys, cellphone, or in your case, ID badge. It might also be a good idea to come to an understanding with a co-worker to cover each other in the event one of you forgets their badge, so you can still get in. I know it is against "policy" but everyone does it!

I sure hope this helps you resolve your problem with losing things, Confused in Colorado. Keep reading!

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