Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The top secret seal has been broken here at Popular Irony.  We can finally present to you our highly classified, elite, anti-terrorist unit, P.I. JOE.  Below is one of our many fine soldiers.  Give the picture a click to view FISTUCLES in all her full size P.I. JOE glory.

Collect them all!


  1. I think for oversight, ya'll need some type of androgynous P.C. super-cop, with a great big ticket pad and some type of wheel-boot gear for differently-abling Python vehicles. Though I dunno how that would work on the H.I.S.S. tank - YA'LL figure it out. This character's primary back-up role would be to defend Fistucles and the other squad members, from any degrading or inflammatory comments, even if they're only half muttered under one's breath - so obviously some type or audio surveillance equipment or better yet "enhanced PSYCHE skills" (perhaps with a numerology/astrology slant to it?) would be essential kit. This character might be deemed as the team's "intel" OR possibly even "heavy weapons" component. And then of course you need the action vehicles, though obviously with an agro GREEN slant. Like a pedal-powered up-armoured HUMVEE, or better yet a pedal-powered aircraft of some sort, which doubles as a see-through action figure collection display case?

  2. Oooh - and as the "token real-life celebrity character" ala "Sergeant Slaughter" or that football player character IIRC, you might also have some type of "Social Justice Warrior" character who's been granted a gavel and robe, not merely the "Judge" though there should definitely be some DREDD-ful component to it, including the parade bike - not so much a judge as "the final arbiter", who might have a back-up "news crew" hauling around the '80s equivalent of the smart-phone youtube uplink, in the form of heavy bulky but awesome military-grade looking, portable audio-visual recording/broadcasting equipment. Perhaps it could all be packed around by "the Final Argh-Biter's" colourful entourage.....