Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Whole Disgusting Truth (Vic Musket Part 8)

Vic stared down into a dirty Styrofoam cup full of a mix of soft drink, coffee and liquor, whatever was salvageable from the nearby dumpster. This was a new feeling... He didn't know what do do with himself following his encounter at Pedo Park. He was hired to find a rapist, but quickly learned there was more to the story. After porn shops, torturing and murdering mobsters, and terrorizing a community of sex offenders, he was pretty sure he had the whole story.

A rich man makes many enemies on his way to the top, much like the way the first man in line at the gangbang usually has a black eye. And by the time he reaches the peak of his success he is pretty hardened from all the backstabbing, and it is nearly impossible to rattle him. Enter the pristine virgin daughter, a 17 year old innocent angel that represents all the good things that her industrialist father coldly cast aside during his ascent to wealth. She was the perfect way through the old man's armor, the only part of him that was still human.

So when Vic's wealthy client found himself at odds with the Cangiani crime family he put up his defences, protecting his financial assets and relationships to the point that the Mob had to find more creative ways to get to him. The final act that would surely buckle the financial heavyweight and reduce him to begging for a settlement, securing the Mob's interests and pushing back the advances by their rich adversary.

So the insidious plan was hatched, targeting the only true and good thing Vic's client possessed... His daughter's innocence. But the Cangiani family didn't have anyone in their crew that would donate their penis to do the vicious act. The had to outsource a willing "talent" to do the deed. That is where Benny the Puerto Rican sex offender comes into play. By all accounts he was paid for AND carried out the rape, but disappeared soon after. Vic smoked Benny out of a dubious trailer park and got his shocking side of the story.

It turns out that Benny shadowed his heavily guarded target for several days before he saw his opportunity arise. The young girl snuck out of a window at her family mansion, and Benny began tailing her. He followed her to a large house party in a poor neighborhood, and infiltrated the gathering to get closer. After getting her drunk Benny was able to convince the girl to join him for a late night walk, and eventually they went to a hotel...

What happened next surprised the hell out of Benny. The young innocent girl attacked him with sexual ferocity, turning pleasure into awkward panic. Daddy's little girl was a nymphomaniac vixen, and she took a dominant role that she wore with the kind of confidence that can only come with experience. Benny had often been the predator according to the US legal system, and he had even courted this young girl with very ugly intentions, but this night he became the victim.

Armed with the truth Vic was ready to exploit the situation and bleed it for all it was worth. He had already let Benny go free, since after hearing the details of the story it was clear he had suffered enough. Vic was not entirely sure how he was going play his cards yet, but there was certainly a big payday coming soon.

Vic plopped down on a bus bench. HIS bus bench, just a few stumbles away from a familiar payphone that would ring soon, giving him a chance to meet up with the mysterious wealthy client. Then he would dish out the details, and possibly even negotiate a bonus. And as he drifted off to a pleasant drunken slumber the disheveled detective became aware that he wet himself. He didn't care. For the first time in two weeks he was completely at peace.

To be continued...

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