Monday, April 9, 2012

After Easter Bunny Fun Time!!

Easter is over and Mr. Bunny is bored and sad.  It's one whole year until the next Easter.  What is Mr. Bunny supposed to do?  Boo Hoo!

 Well what's this!?  It's Party Time Moose in town for a visit!  Oh Boy!

Hello there furry friend.  What shall we do for fun?

 I know!  Suck it!  Yeah..... mmmmmmm  He's been a bad bunny so use your Moose teeth!

You fucking whore Party Time Moose.  Take it!  Take all of it!  You back up that shit up any harder Moose and you are gonna crack a pelvis!

 It's only fair that if you get to rock on top of Moose, Moose gets to rock on top of you!  It's amazing how well those bunny bits fit inside that moose hole.

Oh dear!  Just look at Party Time Moose.  It looks like he gets to hide Easter eggs twice this year!  But don't worry kids, Mr. Bunny can get them out without breaking them.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... Sweet release.  Party Time Moose is going to be washing Easter basket grass out of his fur for days.  What a mess!!

And the stuffed animals were incinerated soon after so no child could inadvertently play with them in the future.

The End


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