Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hey!  Hey you there...  What are you holding in your hand?

Oh really?  Just some skittles and iced tea, huh?  No drugs or guns?  Yeah, right.

Just turn around and put your hands behind your head.  NOW!

I don't need any of your lip, BOY!  I'll show you my badge later!  Now turn around!

Goddammit, I'm the one asking the questions here!  See this?  This gun says you'd better do exactly what I say.  What gang do you belong to, huh?  You a blood, kid?  You out to steal some car stereos, or something?

Don't even THINK about about trying to run, you bastard!

HEY!  Get on the ground!  GET ON THE GROUND!


OH SHIT!  OH SHIT!  OH SHIT!  OH SHIT!  OH SHIT!  All right.... Calm down... Just try to look as white as possible when the cops show up... C'mon, George!  You can do this... Just relax...


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