Thursday, April 19, 2012

Which Celebrity is Most Likely to Die in 2012? - UPDATE!!

The 2012 Popular Irony Celebrity Death Poll has claimed it's first victim.  No, it wasn't one of the names on the actual poll.

It seems that Popular Irony co-founder Hamtackle, predicted correctly with his write in entry of Dick Clark!

Below is proof of Hamtackle's write in victory.  Way to go Hamtackle!  Congratulations on being Dick Clark's personal Grim Reaper. 

Who will be the next celebrity to succumb to the sweet embrace of oblivion?  Vote now on the original poll on the link below, or write in a suggestion in the comment box below.  What the fuck do you have to lose?  You don't have to sign up for shit to leave a comment.  Go ahead... Spam the hell out of us.  We won't care.  It would be nice to get a comment.... Any comment.  We have a lot of readers, but zero interaction.  Go on, call us dicks for making light of celebrity death.  Tell us how our entire blog is a pathetic waste of time.  Tell me that my weenie is really big and tasty. 



  1. The two most sexually repressed social outcasts are the authors of this piece of distasteful shit.


    1. Someone should ask the fabled "Hamtackle" if he is capable of attending a social gathering without his precious fucking ipad!

    2. Ha! The joke's on you, asshole. I never get invited to social gatherings!

  2. Terlet is fucking gayApril 20, 2012 at 9:29 PM

    And as for this slackfuck "Terlet," why don't you post something that would give an air of "I give a shit about my contribution to content" instead of these insufferable attempts to relive your stupid ass punk band moments.

  3. Hey Hamtackle....why would I be interested in political slants dedicated to stoners and degenerates? I am a strident republican and consider your take on politics as sophmoric at best with an assuming arrogance on par with Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Both of which are total and infallible objects of utter disgrace and ignorance. Please shut the fuck up!

  4. Only a dickshit would ask a question without using a question mark.