Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Love Mass Debating

You know the first presidential debate is tonight, don't you?  I love debates, all sorts of debates.  Debates are great to watch and a lot of fun to participate in.  There is no more patriotic and civil form of discourse than the debate.  Even though I love debates, the presidential debates tend to be pretty boring.  With only two people debating, you only get to hear two points of view.  I prefer to hold debates with multiple people, from all walks of life.  A large mass of enthusiastic people all debating their ideas at the same time.  A Mass Debate.

Every year in my home town, we hold the annual Mass Debating Festival.  We invite participants from around the world all with differing points of view and get them all debating at once.  I just love watching all the dozens of men passionately mass debating in front of everyone.  I always make sure to bring the kids, they can really learn something from watching so many people mass debating.  Last year, old Mr. Jenkins felt well enough to leave the hospital and join us for a good old mass debate.  He's been mass debating for almost 80 years! 

Everybody mass debates differently.  Personally, I can't mass debate very well if nobody is paying attention to me.  I like it when all eyes are on me when I mass debate or I can't perform.  I also grant that courtesy to my fellow mass debaters when it is their turn to mass debate.  Civil mass debating is very important, I always encourage all the mass debaters to be polite and courteous to their fellow mass debaters.  That way we can all mass debate without fear of frustration or embarrassment.

When planning to mass debate, pick your topics carefully.  Tempers can flare when certain issues are raised whiled mass debating.  Religion and abortion can always cause problems for mass debaters.  Nothing can stop a good mass debating session than talking about abortion.  Also, make sure to have a selection of beverages available.  A vigorous mass debate can really make people thirsty.

It's never too late to mass debate.  Call all your closest friends now and ask them if they would like to mass debate with you and some other curious mass debaters.  With all the fun to be had, how could they say no?

Good luck Mass Debaters!!


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