Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun With Photoshop!

I decided to take the easy way out on my post for tonight, so I whipped up some shitty presidential photoshop images for you!  I sure do hope you enjoy them, but if not, well fuck you!

Here we have the standard tiny face Obama.  It isn't very offensive, but if you want to get all political I guess you could say he has an inflated head to match the bloated deficit that he is drowning this country in!  Drill baby drill!  Go back to Kenya!  We DID build that! blah blah blah

And here we have the famous old photo of Mitt Romney in France professing his love for... ANAL?  Oh my gosh, what would the almighty Jesus think from atop his throne on the planet Kolob?  Mittens looks awkward just kissing his wife, so I can only imagine the scene of him jamming his pale, turgid member into her pooper!

And here we have the gaffmeister himself, smokin' Joe Biden!  He is well known for doing the most inappropriate things... like EATING BABIES!  Oh, dear lord!  What has Joe done this time?  For god's sake, this will certainly cost him the election!

And finally we have sweet little Paul Ryan.  He is so precious in his little hat, showing off his muscles!  But this one is absolutely ridiculous.  I mean, who would believe that a vice presidential running mate would EVER take these kinds of hilarious glamour shots and allow them to see the light of day!  Come on, no self respecting full grown man would pose for these shitty pictures.  Oh, wait.  I didn't photoshop these...


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