Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Popular Irony Halloween Costume Contest

Welcome everyone to our first annual Popular Irony Halloween Costume Contest!  We have accepted submissions from hundreds of readers and narrowed the choices down to three men's costumes and three women's costumes, with the winner taking home an official Popular Irony embroidered t-shirt!  So without further ado, here are the contestants.

#1.) Here is our first male contestant, dressed up as an army man using duct tape and green paint.  This one is pretty good, but I think the color is a bit off.  Not to sound harsh, but that rifle is also very undersized compared to a real M16.  Also, you can't see his eyes, so I have to assume he doesn't have painted eyelids. In short, this guy probably needs to step it up for next year.  But good effort!

#2.) Wow!  I must say this is an amazing nurse costume!  It looks very professionally made, has the authentic pin stripes and red cross, and the hat matches perfectly.  She has mastered the empathetic and nurturing look to the point that you almost feel like an injured hospital patient just by looking at her.  Bravo.  This one is going to be hard to beat, but I'm sure the rest of our contestants are up to the challenge!

#3.) Here we have a rather mediocre attempt at a skull, but it's not without it's charm.  I admit that the makeup work is pretty solid, but it's pretty clear he applied it himself in the mirror if you look at the brush strokes and the slightly asymmetrical application.  If I were him I would have used a white paint base to make it look a little more realistic (I mean, who ever saw a skintone skull?).  B+ for effort, but a C- for application.

#4.)  Holy fucking shit!  Just look at this Supergirl outfit!  You can tell that she was working on this costume for months in advance, and her effort shows.  Bonus points have to be awarded for the forethought that must have went into this costume idea so she has to be up near first place, although it is pretty close.  Way to step up the effort this year, ladies!

#5.)  Come on guys, are you even trying?  It is obvious this guy just rolled out of bed this morning and thought "Oh shit!  I need a halloween costume for the party tonight!  I guess I'll just roll in some paint and tell everyone I'm Venom from the Spiderman comics!"  Pretty much everything went wrong here, from the undefined lines in the paint job to the total lack of professional polish.  I'm sorry you had to see this, people.  Utter shit.

#6.)  Now this is what I'm talking about!  Here we have a truly professional finish on a halloween classic, the... uh... topless blue girl costume.  It really is a treat to see someone putting their heart and soul into a costume they will only ever wear probably once in their lifetime.  She has a picture-perfect halloween memory that is really something to be proud about.  Kudos to her!

So who wins?  Damn, this is a really hard one.  But after reviewing the merits of each costume, and factoring in creativity and originality, I guess we have to say it's...  a three-way tie!  That's right, folks, we just couldn't decide between three of the costumes, so we decided to reach deep into the Popular Irony coffers to pony up three t-shirts for contestants #2, #4, and #6.  One of our interns just pointed out that it was a sweep by the ladies this year.  What a coincidence!  Well, I guess the men have something to shoot for next year, and hopefully they can be inspired to put an equal amount of production value into their costumes for the second annual Popular Irony Halloween Costume Contest.  See you next year!


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