Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Popular Irony Q&A

Recently we have been getting a lot of questions from readers at our popularirony@gmail.com account, and we have decided to answer a few of them to satisfy your curiosity. And in the spirit of this heated election cycle we opted to answer in the style of a presidential candidate, so please enjoy this very informative post.

I have been checking your blog daily since the beginning, and I was curious about how Hamtackle and Terlet got to know each other. So how did you guys become friends? - goldyboy222@yahoo.com

First goldyboy222, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyal readership. It's readers like you that make this country great. And thank you for asking such an insightful question, as I am certain this is an important issue for our readers everywhere. The fact is, Terlet and I have a very strong partnership that has been a fruitful collaboration since the inception of our blog just over a year ago, and such a symbiotic union is absolutely vital to the daily creation of original content that our readership has come to expect from us. In the beginning of the blog we dedicated ourselves to exceptional quality that would set the standard for humorous internet blogging, and I believe we have delivered on that commitment.

I enjoy all of your posts, but I have a few favorites. Do you have any plans on continuing Masturbation Enthusiast Monthly or Federation Starship USS Hindenburg? - sluttypantsxxx@gmail.com

This question really gets to the heart of the debate over this issue in America. So we are very much dedicated, sluttypants... may I call you sluttypants? Ok. We are very much dedicated to the continuation of our efforts both domestically and abroad towards the conclusion of these very important matters. With your support this November you will be able to expect us to redouble our initiatives that will ensure a satisfactory result going forward. And it is our belief that this kind of commitment stands in stark contrast to our opposition. So when you are exercising you civic duty at the poll booth in just a few short weeks we hope you will remember which campaign has made the issues that are most important to you a priority, and support Popular Irony.

I love the vulgar humor that popular irony brings me everyday, but my girlfriend is easily offended. Do you have any plans to lighten up some of your content to attract a broader audience? Keep up the good work guys! - 2dollatugjobs@harvarduniveristy.edu

Well, this has been a point of contention among the public for some time, 2dollatugjobs, and I don't have to tell you how important this is for the future of our website. In the past our approach to this issue has been a measured one, and we have enjoyed great successes in the evolution of our policy. I am reminded by the words of a proud Ohio woman I met on the campaign trail just a few weeks ago named Wilma Crapburger. Wilma approached me after my stump speech there and said "I am a mother of five Mr Hamtackle, so what are you going to do to keep my children safe? They are all that I've got in this world!" And she was right. Not enough is being done to ensure that our youth have a safe haven in their communities to keep them focused on growing their opportunities and guaranteeing them a place in America's future. In the coming years we vow to uphold the values that made popularirony.com a voice of reason in this uncertain world, and every decision we make is agreed upon only after careful consideration of the sentiment of Wilma Crapburger and people like her all over this great country.

So there you have it, dear readers. If you have any questions that you feel might benefit from clarification in the future, please email them to us at popularirony@gmail.com and we will make sure your voice is heard.


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