Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Connect The Dots: Adult Edition Pt 2

Hello, daily Popular Irony readers!  Tonight we are revisiting one of our most notorious and successful posts, where we make brand new connect-the-dot games for you all to enjoy.  These next three are particularly difficult, so  you may have trouble guessing the picture until every dot has been connected!  But I'm here to offer some hints and guesses, so don't get discouraged, I promise they are worth all the effort!

Here is our first puzzle.  We left some of the image visible to keep the difficulty level down a bit, so we see there is a woman operating some sort of machinery.  Is it a giant drill press?  Maybe some sort of industrial lathe?  Either way she looks like she is proving that a little elbow grease builds character!

And here we have a lady that is clearly very pleased with herself...  I am not sure what is going on here, but it looks like she might be doing some instructional food preparation.  My guess is that she is stuffing a big old thanksgiving turkey!  You know the holidays are right around the corner, so maybe she is giving us all some tips to make the season an extra-special one!

Hmmm... This one is a real puzzler!  Clearly this lady is enjoying some refreshing beverage.  Boy, she looks thirsty!  Perhaps she just finished a vigorous workout and is demonstrating the importance of proper hydration.  You know, dehydration is a serious danger when you are physically active, so you should always take her lead and make regular trips to the drinking fountain at the gym!


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