Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Diary Of A Degenerate 20

It was morning again, and I had managed to avoid getting raped and robbed despite my lack of security, but I still had my suspicions that my gambling partners were behind the break in. I put on a pair of pants but didn't bother with the shirt, and left the magnum by the door on the window sill as I went out to express my grievance. Diggs and Bucky were there as always, and pretended everything was normal despite my obviously destroyed door plainly in their line of sight. I told the boys they were a pair of motherfuckers, and suggested they were sore losers on the dice and probably a pair of enthusiastic homosexuals. Diggs reminded me that if he wanted my money he would just walk up to me and take it, and explained that he was off banging his old lady yesterday evening so Bucky was at home. Besides, he said, he only ever kicked down doors for cash on the other end of town to avoid the hassle

I should have walked away. I knew he was probably telling the truth, and that the two of them sitting out front was most likely the only thing that kept the unseen thieves that were certainly watching the goings-on in this motel everyday from robbing us blind, and starting shit with Diggs would only result in the revocation of my street pass and probable ass-kicking, but I've always been more stupid than cautious. I spit on the concrete between us and headed back to my room to get the magnum.

I wasn't going to shoot them, at least I didn't think I was going to, but either way I didn't get the chance. I heard two quick boot steps and saw a big flash, like when someone takes a photo of you when you aren't expecting it. I wanted to turn around and fight back, but that's when I realized I was laying face down on the pavement. I rolled over and then Diggs was on top of me. I put my arms up to try to defend myself, but I just flailed wildly with dead arms that felt like they belonged to someone else and I was unpracticed at controlling them. I took two big punches right in the jaw and started snoring with my face to the side, staring at the steel wheel of my car and unable to move for about five seconds. I could feel a giant hand raping the pockets of my jeans while Bucky was cackling like a retard with a puppy.

I regained the use of my arms and legs and managed to halfway get back up before falling down again and ultimately deciding to lay against my car until my head cleared up. I watched as Diggs pulled a handful of loose bills from my wallet and then threw it on the ground at my feet and said "That's the toll for being a bitch" then sat down on the steps next to Bucky and pulled out a deck of cards. "Now you want in on this? I'll spot your broke-ass the ante, unless you want to go cryin' to the po-lice..."

Looking down I saw that I was wearing a bib of my own blood, and guessed that I had at least one tooth knocked loose. That's when I realized he was telling the truth. He didn't know I still had a wad of cash back in my room. "I can pay it" I told him. "Just let me clean up a bit. Liquor's on me."

A qucik splash of filthy faucet water on my face and chest had me looking a little less fucked up, so I threw on a shirt and grabbed some cash and booze. Sometimes you take a beating in life, and I wasn't about to let it ruin my welcome in my new home. On the way out I thought about grabbing the magnum off the window sill and unloading on Bucky. I could still hear his annoying laughter ringing in my ears, but I didn't. We gambled like gentlemen for a good four hours, and I ended up bringing in another $45 bucks after being down over $200. I probably broke even from what Diggs took out of my wallet.



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