Thursday, October 18, 2012

Informative Joe - How To Find The Clitoris

Informative Joe
Hello.  FYI... I am Informative Joe, you have been informed.  Take that knowledge!  HHHRRRMM!!  It feels good to inform others with my knowledge.  Such pleasures.  I look at those who are not me, I can guess what they need to know.  What knowledge they lack.  I see, I see and I inform.  Inform them all night long.

I look at you now.  I see what knowledge you lack.  What gaping, glistening holes of information you have.  You can't find the clitoris.  I can see by your pupil dilation that this is correct.  Embarrassment is not required!  I will be discreet!  I will be discreet! 

First, I will show you a classic diagram of a lady's underbits, her between-meats.

I know, confusing right?  Just look at all those parts.  How are people to keep them straight?  The problem with a woman's soft-squish is that it looks like a map of a hostile alien planet.  Don't feel bad, most people have great difficulty traversing it's rugged terrain. 

There are really only two things you need to know....
1. Which hole is which.
2. The location of the clitoris.

The hole part is easy.  Most ladies will immediately inform you know if you chose incorrectly.  But the clitoris!  That is a mystery within a riddle wrapped in honey-ham.

Let's get this hot, learning session started and make it easy for you with some pictures you can relate to.  First we see something you probably have in your hand right now.  What if Women's Genitals were a Computer Mouse?  There is the clitoris!

HHHRRRMM!! You learn good, baby.  What if Women's Genitals were Steak?  MMMM  There it is!  I hope this is helping inform you because I am fully informed right now.


Food seems to be a good motivator for you.  Your genuine interest makes my teaching nice and rigid.  What if Women's Genitals were Pizza?

Aha!  I see you are inspired.  I see my knowledge is permeating your brain!  It permeated your brain then pulled out and blasted hot wisdom all in your hair.  More food examples.  What if Women's Genitals were a Raw Turkey?


Hmmm.  Not that one, eh?  Well, this information seems very informative to me.  I will skip the food examples, maybe dead animals is the wrong approach?  Eureka!  I know!  A cuddly bunny.  What if Women's Genitals were a Screaming Rabbit!?

Terrifying?  Terrifying?!  How could you call the soft, supple, pleasure plunge of a woman's sexual organs terrifying?  Oh, the rabbit is terrifying.  HA!  Well, let's abandon adorable animals and try a reflective approach to learning.  What if Women's Genitals were You?

HHHRRRMM!!  I see that my information has filled you fully.  My knowledge nuts have been drained.  I appreciate you taking my information so willingly.  I totally slammed you so full of my information, it was aaaall up in you.  My knowledge shaft was buried in your eager learning hole.  I taught you full of thick, slick, pounding information.  I informed you from behind and reached around to your tiny, pimply, knowledge nub and...... No need to run!


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