Friday, October 26, 2012

Scenic Las Vegas - God's Ashtray

Hello loyal readers! As you may have noticed, the last five posts were all by Hamtackle.  I, Terlet was on vacation all week in Las Vegas!  I greatly appreciate Hamtackle covering my two days of posting.  He is an adorable angel baby. 

We saw Cirque du Soleil - KA.  Simply amazing!  A marvel to behold.  We went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.  I'll cover that later.  I won some moneys.  Good times.  Delicious food, with the exception of the Todai Sushi buffet in Planet Hollywood.  I had never spit out a piece of sushi before eating there.  Those scum.

With all the fun and marvels of Las Vegas come the obvious downsides.  Gorgeous hotel lobbies packed with chain smokers, scooter fatties clogging the hallways, the mandatory smell of raw sewage every half block, the over aggressive prostitute trading card merchant, that bitch who refused to put our scoops of gelato into separate cups and strangest of all, the random jar of Vaseline that housekeeping left next to our dresser.

I will cover Las Vegas in greater detail in a future post.  For now, I am going to relax.  The plane ride home smelled like old lady diarrhea........ because of the old lady diarrhea.

Our view... Suck it.

Great art.  Booby Squeeze.


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