Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scum City Avengers - Gun Fuck Racist

I'm sorry Sir Chapsworth, but it's Scum City Avengers Time!!!  This song is about making sweet love to a racist person's bottom-hole with the cold metal barrel of a firearm.  Come on!  Every punk band needs either a pro or anti racism song.  I'm glad this one is anti.  At least, I think it is... I hope I've not been mishearing the lyrics all these years. 

I in no way endorse fucking anyone with a gun.  Just penises.  Well, penises and anything else but a gun.  Well, no guns and no spears, tigers, running chainsaws, stun guns, rusty sheet metal, baby's arms holding an apples or ..... hmmmm....  I guess there are a lot more things that you should not fuck than there are things that you should fuck.  Just make sure that, whatever it is, is of legal age, is willing or inanimate and will not pose a serious threat to your soft, pleasurable insides.  Use your own discretion when putting things into your butt and/or vagina.


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