Monday, February 20, 2012

Perfect Darque with D. Mona Darque

D. Mona Darque
 I was asked to support Popular Irony by submitting some of my original artwork, so whatever, here it is. I just finished three paintings and they are still wet. I hope you can handle true feminine beauty and appreciate my commentary on equality and social taboo.

My name is D. Mona Darque, and I have been perfecting my unique medium for seven years now, and I specialize in a genre of feminist expression known as "vagino-phallic inequity rage art". I paint using only the menstrual blood collected from my diva cup, which is a reusable feminine product. I am able to get different hues and degrees of darkness by aging the blood.  Please experience my recent creations, as I am sure they will help you achieve greater enlightenment, particularly if you are a non-female (I do not use the gender name because of it's destructive history as a word of power domination).

This is a painting I call "Celestial Womb-Birth". It is representative of the creation theory that the great void before time was an endless vagina, a vacuum that spewed forth the planets, stars, and galaxies in one violent and bloody convulsion that we know as the big bang. The painting reminds the viewer about nature's feud with womankind, as it demands a painful martyrdom to further humanity.

I call this piece "The Power of NO!". My inspiration was the many tales of violent female revolution, particularly Lorena Bobbit's story. Back in June of 1993 she ended a cycle of domination and rape by attacking her husband's power center, the penis, and severed it while he slept. After discarding it out of a car window, it was recovered and reattached. Sweet vindication was complete when she was found not guilty of any crime, reminiscent of Nat Turner's slave rebellion.

The last painting tonight is called "A Beautiful Shame". This is a condemnation of the social taboos about female biology in all non-female dominated cultures. The titles of "unclean" or "graphic" given to menstruation, birth, and nursing. Indeed the burden of lifemaking is marginalized under a degrading label perpetrated by the non-females that remain envious of creation.

Love, glory, and wonder be to all who appreciate the Mother. Contempt, suffering, and loss be to those that oppose Her.

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