Saturday, February 4, 2012

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 Have you tried in vain to find someone that shares your unique interests on one of those cookie-cutter online dating sites?  Have you ever wasted time and money meeting someone you met online just to find out they are not willing to love you the way you need to be loved?  Have you ever had an online dating profile declined due to indecent or explicit content even though you were just being honest?  Well now there is a place designed just for you and your community.  Introducing the new alternative online dating service

We at believe that the internet is the ideal tool for pairing people together that share unique and rare interests, and that this has been a sadly neglected avenue for organized dating efforts thus far.  We specialize in finding compatible matches among people with complimentary fetishistic preferences.

Are you a body modification enthusiast with superfluous amputations?  We will find you that special someone that is into stump-fucking.  Or maybe you like to dress up in diapers and soil yourself while rubbing food all over your face, in which case we can find you a naughty nanny to wipe your bottom.  And we are doing our part to curb domestic violence by pairing sadistic wifebeaters with willing masochists that will indulge their every thrashing with glee.

So before you roll the dice with another awkward date that ends in disappointment when  you find out your plans to introduce sewing needles and a taser into the bedroom is not welcome, sign up at our website and complete the brief questionnaire.  And remember: one person's freaky is another person's fabulous!  But don't take our word for it... Read these awesome testimonials!

"I have always been an enthusiastic misogynist, but after a half-dozen failed relationships and a six month prison sentence for spousal abuse I began to think that I would never find true love.  But after joining I found my soulmate within two months.  Now I have a loyal and beautiful wife that can both take a punch and keep a secret!" - Gary Wilfred, Philadelphia PA

"I am a female poo eater.  Now, in a normal relationship I have to wait until after we have been intimate for a while before springing the news that I want to devour their manshits, and that usually ends the relationship.  Even when they are game they refuse to kiss me afterwards which is a real turnoff.  With I found a real man that shares my sexual dysfunction.  The only downside is that now we have to split the poo two ways!" - Rebecca Spencer, Roseborne AK

Sign up today and use promo code "PopularIrony" to receive one free hour of webcam chats!

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