Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Talk


Billy, sit down. We need to have a talk. I spoke to your teacher yesterday and she told me you have been a little... curious with the girls in your class recently. Now I don't want you to be embarrassed, son. This is really a normal thing that all boys go through when they are your age. Even me!


But we need to make sure you can control your feelings and respect the bodies of other people. It gets easier as you grow older, and soon you will understand why. You know what I'm talking about right, Billy? The way your underwear gets crowded when you look at girls? Well it is totally natural.


You see, boys have cocks and girls have cunts, and cocks and cunts really enjoy each other's company. So when you look at girls your cock wants to meet the cunt and spit on it. The way your cock tells you what it wants is by growing and shouting things in your head. It says things like "Go touch Susie's underwear while you have the chance. She won't be bending over forever!", and "I want to meet your teacher! I'm not going away until you show me to her!". But you have to ignore your cock almost all the time. If you ever do what it tells you when you are in public then the police will come and take you away. They may keep you in a room for a long time, and even after the let you go home they will tell everyone in your neighborhood that you are a boy that can't ignore his cock. People will be afraid and angry at you.


But some day a girl will let you talk to her more than once, and she might even smile at you. And if you say really nice things to her, and maybe give her a little money, she might introduce you to her cunt. But make sure that you NEVER ask to meet it. Girls are very protective of their cunts and get angry if they think you are trying to meet theirs without being nice to them first. And if you do meet her cunt, you can kiss it and pet it, but be careful not to scare it. It will hide if you make any sudden moves. Let the cunt come to you, son.


If your meeting goes well then you might be able to introduce it to your cock. By that time it will be very eager to socialize, but don't pull it out to quickly because you might scare the cunt back into hiding. You should be able to tell if the cunt wants to meet your cock because it will start foaming at the mouth. When they first meet your cock will try to attack the cunt, but will eventually be overpowered and get eaten by the cunt. Don't be alarmed, this is normal. After a little while your cock will get a little aggressive and spit in the cunt's mouth.


Before allowing this to happen you may want to install a hat on your cock, which can prevent all kinds of sicknesses that your cock can catch. It will even stop something terrible from happening, because cunts sometime throw up BABIES! That's right, after cocks and cunts meet and the cock spits in the cunt's mouth the cunt sometimes throws up a bunch of blood and mucus that turns into a baby. That's how all babies are made, and it is a very disgusting and painful process that should be avoided at all costs, unless you are old and lonely.


So that explains about why you keep wanting to touch the girls in school, and why you can't act on those thoughts. Now remember everything I just told you, son, because we will never talk about it again and the world expects you to act like you can't hear your cock screaming in your brain all day long, because that is what being a man is all about. Now let's take a look at your homework...


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