Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spikes SqueezaBooze

Are you tired of boring non-alcholic beverages?  Well bore no longer!  Now any beverage can be almost magically transformed into a satisfying, intoxicating cocktail with Spikes SqueezaBooze!  The Liquid Beverage Enhancer!!  Just take a beverage, any beverage and give it a squirt of SpikesSpikes is 190 Proof and it comes in many great flavors:  Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Rum, Whiskey, Red Wine, White Wine, Brandy, Pruno, Beer and Absinthe. 

Pop the top and give Spikes a squirt!  Any hour is Happy Hour with 

Spikes SqeezaBooze!  

Did your water just become wine!?  Are you Jesus!??  NO! You're using 

Spikes Squeezabooze!

Water into Wine!!
Now you'll actually drink that complimentary glass of water.  Just don't let the waitress see your  

Spikes SqueezaBooze!

Whiskey anyone?

Find it now where all fine liquors are sold!



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