Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Hello sexycougar241,

Congratulations! We have reviewed thirteen responses to your recently launched online companionship profile and narrowed the candidates down to two based on the preferences you specified in the compatibility questionnaire. Your current preference is set to [male, exotic, international, muscular]. So please review the below profiles to see if you want to initiate a message exchange, or visit your account homepage to change your preference settings. Happy love hunting!

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Lamar says: "I think you look very sexual in your profile picture, but I think you should instead of smiling make a kissing face and grab your boobs more. We should webcam meet!"- Take a look at his profile!

Lamar Verdana, M 38yo 5'11 209lbs

Hey, you sexy lady. I am living in America for 12 years now and am now working in restaurant as a waiter. But I am working very much to become a model, as I have a very good body and very sexual eyes. I am looking for American woman that has a good job and no childrens, and that might like to ride motorcycles.

I am often playing online video games, and I am a very desirable ally in many guilds. If you do not also play online games then you should probably start them because I do mostly the games all day long. Working in restaurants makes you work all the time in the evenings, so I am awake for very strange hours.

My body is very good shape, and I make lots of exercising to stay sexy to women. My lovemaking is very enthusiastic, and even when I am not with a women I practice very much to stay good at it. If you want to meet me for lovemaking I will be very happy for it, but you will have to ride trains to get here because I never own car license.

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Oleg says: "You are very lucky to get messages from me. This website will not allow me to webcam message you unless you reply to this, so hurry and send back before I lose interest. I am a very powerful and handsome so don't delay." - Take a look at his profile!

Oleg Petroslav, M 32yo 6'2 248lbs

Hello, women of America. It is I, Oleg of Belarus. I am now looking for beautiful American ladies since I have left my home to pursue my bodybuilding career. I enjoy large, pale women that are able to both cook hearty meals and swing a wood axe. A fertile womb is a must-have.

My personal time is spent frolicking in water, and I am very proficient at swimming. I am also very interested in fine, classy tattoos. I despise trashy tattoos, but mine are all very artistic and beautiful. I will soon be covered in tattoos, but I do not like woman to have tattoos because it ruins the beautiful, pale flesh.

No woman can resist my massive and beautiful body. All ladies that send me messages should not be discouraged if I do not immediately respond, as I expect to have some difficulty keeping up with the volume. If you would like more pictures of me I can send them to you if you send me $12 American dollars to develop my disposable cameras.

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