Monday, September 10, 2012


FIIIISH!! FREEESH FIIIISH FOR SALE!  Get your FRESH FISH HERE!  Hey there friend!  You like the fish!  I have fish for you!  Fresh fish!!  You come get fresh fish.  My family catch!  Is good, is fresh!

See look at fish.  I have Salmon!  Best Salmon!  See look at Salmon..

You no like Salmon!?  How you no like Salmon. Ok, ok... I have better fish for you.  Fresh fish!  You like fish stew?  You need fish head.  Fresh fish head!!  See look how so much meat on head.  So many fresh fish head.  You want?! You buy!?

No!?  No want make fish head stew?  You a tough customer, huh?  I like.  I find right fish for you. Fresh fish!  Best fillet come from flat fish.  You like fillet?  You in luck!  Fresh off of boat.  Freshest of flat fish.  I see you taste bud drool with my talk.  Let me show you.  So fresh that I have no yet even put in ice.  Freshest of fish!

No?!  How this be!?  How you not tearing into flat fish right now?  So tasty be the flat fish.  Ok, I have one more fresh fish for you.  Called Kippers but I call, Ready Lady Fish.  See look...  Aha!  You interested in Ready Lady Fish.  See it look like a Ready Lady.  Ready for body pleasure.  So fresh and so taste good.  You like?  You buy?!

You buy!  Yes!  Me sell fish.  Me am Fishmonger like father and father before.  Finally sale.  You eat Ready Lady now or home?  Home?  I wrap in paper.  Out of newspaper, toilet paper ok?  No?  Oh.. well.. Goodbye then.  FIIIISH!! FREEESH FIIIISH FOR SALE!  Get your FRESH FISH HERE!


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