Tuesday, September 25, 2012

She-Mail - Love Letter Assistance

Do you have trouble talking to women?  Are you terrified to strike up a conversation with a lady?  Do you find woman as mysterious as they are majestic?  Do you need a simple way to break the ice? You need SHE-MAIL, The Love Letter Assistants!

We at She-Mail have a long and proud tradition of helping awkward men obtain the girl of their dreams.  All you need to do is write your own love letter for your potential lady friend.  Be sure to write from the heart, tell her how you really feel.  The She-Mail staff will then study your letter and recreate it in a manner that it will be irresistible to the ladies.

Before She-Mail

Nice try Mitch, but his letter definitely needs to be She-Mailed.  With a few simple tweeks, Mitch is going to make that cashier swoon. 

After She-Mail

Isn't it amazing?  She won't be able to resist Mitch's charm.  She-Mail is a modern day Cyrano de Bergerac.  Join now and you can two She-Mailed letters for the price of one!  Try She-Mail today!


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