Friday, September 21, 2012

Rod - A Website of Spite!

Back in September 2011, I made a post with a Leather Daddy chef using a very phallic kitchen tool called the Saladgasm.  I had to name my naughty chef, so with very little thought, I pulled Rod Sirloin out of the air.  After it was posted, I did not think about it again.  That was until "The Real Rod Sirloin" posted a comment stating that he invented the name "Rod Sirloin" waaaay back in 2004.  Hey, good for you sport!

HA!  This little angel must have been Googling his nickname.  The name Rod Sirloin meant nothing to me.  Does he really think he is the first person to think of combining those two words?  It seems to mean a lot to him.  How do I respond?  Comment back with a "Nuh-uh!" or "You're the rip, dickhead!".  That's not very much fun.  There was a much more classy response available to me. 

Supposedly I ripped this guy off, so I better own it.  Amazingly, RODSIRLOIN.COM was available.  I am excessively wealthy and am not opposed to purchasing a domain simply for spite..... So I did.

I don't plan on updating the site or removing that horribly annoying, never-ending, Beyonce clip.

I can't wait for "The Real Rod Sirloin" to Google himself again.  If he loved the name so much he should have bought the domain.  I own Rod Sirloin, bitch!  Nice rip, ya rip off....


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